I was born in Milwaukee two months before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. After the war, we moved to the peaceful Kettle Moraine hills and farm country of Southeastern Wisconsin. My early education took place in a one room school house. That simpler, pastoral environment became deeply imprinted in my psyche and continues to influence my photographic work today.

By age 13, when I encountered the excitement of a simple plastic film camera and creating prints in a darkroom, I sensed that photography would play an important part in my life.

A few years later I discovered the fascinating realm of psychology and in 1968 completed a Ph.D. in psychology at Marquette University. For the next four decades I pursued what evolved into a successful and satisfying career in clinical psychology with the medical schools of Indiana University in Indianapolis and the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

In 1980, while in the midst of that career and raising a family, I experienced an intense epiphany in Maine at a workshop with master photographers. What had been a hobby shifted to a serious commitment to photography as fine art. Since that time I have been fortunate to invest in extensive training with master fine art photographers/educators from across the U.S. and Europe. Their individual attention and personal guidance has been extraordinary.

For the past several decades my work has received the favorable attention of a wide range of master photographers, museum and gallery curators and art educators. They have selected my work for inclusion in exhibitions in the Midwest and more recently at national and international levels.