About My Work

In this moment. Stop. Pay attention. Look deeply. Inside and out. See the extraordinary in the ordinary, the profound in the mundane. Valuable guideposts for me in the process of creating an image.

For over three decades I have continued to explore psychological approaches and photographic processes that facilitate the creation of meaningful visual statements. My earlier work was exclusively in the realm of black and white film and print. I have found the subtleties of monochromatic tone, shading and form to be most powerful for rendering the feeling and impact an image.
While I find this primarily to be also the case since shifting to digital work, I am exploring the world of color with recent images.

A portion of my work has incorporated the use of a very simple, inexpensive film camera called a Holga. Multiple exposures, lens distortions and even deliberate camera movement can impart an ethereal sense of time/space and mystery to an image.

My personal life, professional work as a psychologist, and naturally my approach to photography have all been strongly influenced by Eastern philosophical and spiritual traditions, especially that of Buddhist based mindfulness. Even before using the camera, I have learned that all photographic creativity begins with first taking time to be fully present in this moment in order to see with fresh eyes. It is my hope that my images will encourage you to do the same.

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